4 Reasons To Watch Peaky Blinders in Netflix.

4 Reasons To Watch Peaky Blinders in Netflix.

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I finished the whole 4 seasons of Peaky Blinders in 1 and a half day.. and that was because I stopped myself when I was at the last episode of season 3 because I hate to watch the ending. I know there will be season 5 coming up but I hated the idea that I'd have to wait. But that decision trumps my desire to know more about the family, so I gave in. To be fair, each season has only 6 episodes, which honestly makes me wish there's more, but I liked that they gave justice to the 6 episodes per season.

If you're like me who are still thinking twice in watching Peaky Blinders, here are 4 reasons that I can tell to at least give you a glimpse of what you'll see if ever you decided to finally watch it as well.


Well you probably already know that this show is about the Peaky Blinders, which is one of the most powerful gangs of the time that is run by returning war hero Thomas Shelby and his family. Inside that description is obviously a more in-depth look at the lives of not just the Shelby family itself but also the mixture of despair and hedonism in 1919 in the aftermath of the Great War in Britain. You'd see the rise and fall and the rise again of the Shelby Family and the people surrounding them. How each soldier who came back from France didn't really go back home the same.

Peaky Blinders became a breathe of fresh air for me as the series I usually watch are contemporaries and more on the 'police' side. Although I also like watching series that centers the 'criminals' like Queen of the South, Peaky Blinders gives us the look of the 'what has been' and it really piqued my interest.

Also, Tommy isn't the oldest son, yet he's the leader because everybody knows he's smart and he carries himself well. They didn't play the 'jealous brothers' or 'jealous relative' card in the show which is usual in other mafia or gang stories and it's another thing that I liked in here. The respect that he gets from his family is amazing.


Most shows have complex family relationships, and it is what Peaky Blinders is all about as well. I didn't really want to spoil you guys but I wanted to really tell you how I love the way they presented this family. They're not the perfect family but their love for each other will always be above all. The Shelbys are composed of the 5 Shelby siblings, one Aunt and one Uncle. All were part of the 'family' business. The parents, especially the mother of the siblings wasn't really mentioned. Their father just came back to con the most gullible brother in one episode and then disappeared. Then it was later told that he died.

Each characters has consistencies that I sometimes don't see in some shows I have watched. Season by season, their characters grow but you'll definitely still see them as if they were still in the first season.

And okay, given that Tommy might not be a 'fuckboi' at first, but throughout the season, he learned to actually used his cock and charm girls here and there.  sometimes for pleasure, but mostly for business. For one, I used to really ship him with the girl from the first season, but she left. And I hated the fact that when they met again, the girl is already married. Anyway, I won't spoil too much. too many things will still happen.


And anyway, have you seen their clothes? Aside from loving the way the story goes, I can't help but to stare at either Cillian Murphy's face or their clothes. It's so dang classy and it makes them more of the characters they play. 

I don't buy my suit. My suit is on the house, or the house burns down. - Thomas Shelby


I already noticed this, but I also watched a video wherein someone said that the working women representation in Peaky Blinders is also one of the good thing about this series. Given that, well, most of these women that are mostly shown in the series are working with the Peaky Blinders, I love how issues like this is being talked about. Especially in Season 4, you'll see more of this and you'll know what I am talking about.

I love that this series is a lot of things and talks about other stuff when you expect it to be just guns and bloods. It covers a whole lot of topics that you'll see throughout the series as it progress.

If you think these things interests you, then you should definitely try watching Peaky Blinders. I am currently waiting for the next season, which as I read, is going to be the second to the last season of the series. It makes me sad, but all things must come to an end and I am just happy that something like this is out there.

Personal Spa and Salon with Yoko Spa Salt and T-Top Professional!

Personal Spa and Salon with Yoko Spa Salt and T-Top Professional!

Whenever I receive goodies from brands and companies, I always feel like it's Christmas. Aside from loving trying the products, the fact that I will be receiving things is just something I really look forward to. But when I specifically learned that I'll receive products from Shinebest Marketing, well, I am more excited!

You see, this isn't the first time that I 'worked' with them as they already sent me a few products from before.. and loved every product in that loot! Even my mom and sister always rave about the hair products we received and how we feel like we've been treated into a salon or something.

This time, they didn't just sent me hair products from their brand T-Top Professional, but also from Yoko Spa Salt! This brand is more familiar to me than T-Top was before. That's understandable as T-Top is actually being used more in salons and Yoko Spa Salt can be bought in Watson's and other stores in the malls.

I am happy that they sent me quite a lot of spa salt in different varieties that I can try. I was too dang excited to try these. I'm a sucker for scrubs, literally. What I love about these is that the grains are so fine and gentle on my skin. No tearing! I tried other spa salty before and sometime after using it, I can feel little tearing on my skin. These did not. The scent of every variety is also very appealing, not too strong on the nose. I particularly used these in my face first as I love exfoliating before I put in other products on my face.

Taking a bath became more enjoyable for me and my mother and sister as we look forward to using these. My brother even joined the club as he is also curious about it.

My favorite on the bunch would be the Milk one. I've been a milk girl ever since and I love that they have a Milk variant. I love it so much!

Note: Beware in buying fake Yoko Spa Salt products. Tons of fake Yoko Salt Spa is on the market. It is advisable to just buy on the official store of Yoko Spa Salt or in authorized retail stores.

Moving on to the bunch of T-Top products they sent me.. What can I say? The Spa Lock Colour Shampoo and our all time favorite Ice Collagen Repair Treatment didn't disappoint. These products can make your hair seems like you've been into a salon, no questions asked.

I already tried their Soothing Cream before and I used it every after I just colored or bleached my hair. I feel like it is the perfect product to sooth my hair and scalp after the harsh coloring or bleaching. Have you ever felt like your hair is saying 'Thank you' to you? Well, that's how I felt whenever I use these.

The Hair Mask is new to me, but nevertheless, it worked as a fine conditioner for me. I used this twice a week from the first time I tried it. I leave it in my hair for a few minutes before I rinse it and feel my soft hair after washing.

These two are my personal favorites. I love how T-Top has a wide range of products for colored and treated hair that you can use personally. Their Colour Save has been my fave products for consecutively two years now. For someone who constantly colors their hair like me, this is a must have. It makes your hair colors protected in a way that it won't fade fast than it should be.

You'll just have to get past the strong smell of it but the benefit is good. The spray bottle has a lock, so it is safe to be brought anywhere.

I am mostly excited in trying Macadamia Oil the moment I laid my eyes on it. I used to hate any oil products as a teen but slowly realized how I can get past the 'oiliness' because of the benefits, and this one's a good example of it. I looked up the benefits of Macadamia Oil in my hair and surely, I am more than happy to use this on me! I super love the scent. My hair became more manageable whenever I use this. Honestly, I hated how my hair is so unruly, but Macadamia Oil saved me from having troubles.

Thank you so much for Shinebest Marketing for letting me try these products! I feel like a kid who received my favorite gift on Christmas!

You can check their socials with these links:

Foodie Adventures | Yoshimeatsu - Unli Yakiniku

Foodie Adventures | Yoshimeatsu - Unli Yakiniku

Yoshimeatsu is a fusion of Korean and Japanese grill restaurant along Tomas Morato. Me and my friend are lucky enough that we were able to try their service and food! We've been looking forward in tasting more and more places or restaurants that serves Korean dishes and were very fortunate that Yoshimeatsu gave us the chance to experience it with them!

The place isn't really big but they were able to really maximize the space to be able to fit the big tables with grill and the chairs. There's a mezzanine with more tables up. They have automatic system in ordering or asking for more food. Every table is connected with a tablet-like monitor where people can just click something that the staffs can bring them.

The table is already set up when we came in. Luckily, we didn't have to stand in line since there's no line yet when we came.

Here's what I think of the overall experience we had in Yoshimeatsu:

1. Everything is delicious. It's not an exaggeration. From the meat that we grilled to the side dishes, yum! We didn't taste anything bad, nor some side dishes smelling bad as well. We really enjoyed the food.
2. The place is very clean, neat and cool. It looks and feels really maintained.
3. The staffs are attentive.
4. The service is also fast.
5. They play Korean songs..or at least they did when we were there.

We stayed there for almost two hours, just chit-chatting while eating. They may play music, but it's not loud that we can still talk and hear each other clearly. It's a good place to pig-out while having heart to heart with a friend. Haha!

And yay for these ice cream for dessert! The consistency is very creamy and the taste isn't too sweet, which me and my friend really liked.

258-D Tomas Morato Ave, Diliman, Quezon City, 1103 Metro Manila
0933 822 2771

My 2019 so far..

My 2019 so far..

Halfway through February and there's already a lot that happened in my life.. There were bad things but luckily, there are far more better things that came. My New Year started with a realization that I shouldn't just work hard, but I should work smart. Thinking of all the hard work I did for the last 4 years, I came with a realization that all of it didn't do much because the people around me either don't work hard as much, doesn't really like seeing other people succeed or they just don't have the same goal as me, so they don't care at all.

No, I am not blaming them, nor I am making excuses. I mean, I am not perfect. Of course there are also times that I might have overlooked work or things I am doing at times, but it is what it is. I am kind of blaming myself because I kept on pushing and pushing without even planning at all. I worked and worked without even thinking of the possibility that I might not get the 'promised' result immediately.. or not at all.

But yes, I learned my lesson the hard way. A few opportunities came this year and I am carefully thinking and planning everything before jumping into it. I made sure that I am managing my expectations because I've been heartbroken more times with this industry more than I did with my love life. Haha!

This is what happened in 2019 so far:

  1. As you can see in most of my recent posts, I've been going around eating and tasting food from different places around the metro. Many more to come!
  2. Two weeks ago, I was able to go to Lucena as I did collaboration works with 3 restaurants there. I am planning on going back this March.
  3. I am slowly but surely going back into interacting with other people more openly. I didn't have any anxiety attacks recently as well.
  4. I received an offer from another online writing and reading platform. It's in the works and I don't want to jinx it. But it's one of the biggest thing that happened to me early this year.
  5. Attended a family affair a week ago and it was awesome! I was the 'official' photographer of the event.
  6. I am actually meeting old friends in the 'writing' industry later. It's a book signing event of one of my friends and we will be there to support here. I hope that no anxiety attack would happen.
  7. I hate that it only took a week for me to lose interest in SLOWLY APP because it is honestly one of the best app I have ever known. Old school letter sending. You guys should check it out!
  8. I am thinking of a small scale business that I can do at home this March. I am working at home online but I also want to do other things while I am also at home.
  9. If you don't know it yet, I am the social media executive of Glitterph, and I have been for a few months now. I am happy that we are going to do a soft launching this last week of February. I hope everything will go according to plan.
  10. I am still waiting for a 'brand collaboration' with a certain brand that I really believed in and I already worked with before. There's no monetary gain but I love their products so much. Haha.
Another thing.. I hated that I stopped doing my certain skincare routine for 2 weeks, hence, my skin started to become dull again. Luckily, it didn't really went back to how it was before or I would be really disappointed that the 2 months of being disciplined about it turned to waste.

So that's all. I hope everyone's having a good time this year.