St. Agatha Resort in Guiguinto, Bulacan.

My mom, my brother and I attended a wedding in Bulacan last January 6, 2018. It was the wedding of my brother's childhood best friend. They got our mom as a Ninang and we were happy to go.

Their reception was held in St. Agatha Resort in Guiguinto, Bulacan.

I was amazed the first time because to be able to reach the resort, we went inside a village. Imagine, a resort inside a village? I don't know about you, but it's a first for me. Swear!

First of all, I didn't think much about it. I mean, all wedding receptions are just the same. I've been to a few weddings and nothing much really excites me, may it be in a restaurant or in hotels. But I was surprised when I saw the whole place when we reached the reception area.

The moment you enter their lobby, you will be welcomed with a homey vibe. This area caught my attention because it looks ordinary, yet it makes me want to sit there and chill. There's a lot of people checking in and checking out, I guess, when we arrived. We were told to go inside further and this is what welcomed us.

I already had a good feeling about it the moment I saw the design.

Going inside their event venue in the middle of the rooms, I felt Deja Vu. Why?

Seeing this structure and design was like a dream come true for me. Years ago, I made this story wherein the heroine is a hotel heiress and the hotel I envisioned is a hotel 3-4 storey high, where the rooms are all on the sides but the center of the building is where an event venue and/or the hotel's restaurant will be. Look at the pictures again and you'll see that this is exactly what I was talking about.

I was giddy the whole time!

On the side note, the design is really very posh for the wedding's reception. I commend whoever made the venue look like this elegant.

These was the bride's maids playing a game with one of the groom's men.

Before we head home, I made sure to ask the person in the front desk of their brochure and he gladly pointed me on where I can have one. While waiting for the others to get ready to go home, I looked at the brochure and was again, amazed, since the hotel seems to be just the tip of an iceberg!

It was indicated that they have pools and base on their list of types of cabins and cottages means that there are more of St. Agatha Resort that I haven't seen!

I could have ask if I can go around, take pictures and see the attractions and features so I can share it to you guys but it was night, so there won't be really much to take pictures at. But I would really love to! The place seems very family and group of friends friendly. Given the chance that I can go back to Guiguinto, I'll try to drop by or if I have time, to check in to personally experience the place.

I just still can't believe that a hotel I made up in my mind exists! I am not kidding. I am still really giddy while typing this because I can still really remember vividly how the hotel in my mind looks like and how it looks really like St. Agatha. Unfortunately, I didn't finish the story but I might write it again since I have been so inspired at the moment!

Check their amenities and the map at the images below.

Or better check their website for more details:

Foodie Adventures | The Peri Peri Charcoal Chicken Dinner Experience.

Last December, I finally had the chance to experience and taste the famous and talked about charcoal cooked chicken in Peri Peri, Gateway branch. I went there with my friends and we ordered a set that consists these following food.

I was actually excited to try it. Been planning on eating there way back but glad that this happened and I am with my friends.

The Service

I am always impressed with crew and staffs of places that looks like they are happy with what they are doing, especially if they seem to know what they are doing too. There's this certain female crew that assisted us in what sauces to get or to taste. She told us recommendations and when we asked for what are the best sellers that are not spicy, she happily obliged. She's also smiling and seems to be so eager in assisting us, so this is a plus!

The Taste

The set we got is for four people, it consisted of one whole chicken, four rice, one shrimp salad, two coleslaw and two corn and vegies, four mozzarella sticks, four soup and one fudge cake dessert. They got me with their chicken and mozzarella sticks, they're very tasty and yummy but what stand out the most is their coleslaw. It's creamy and very refreshing. The dessert is a little too sweet for my taste but nevertheless, it's also delicious. I didn't taste the shrimp salad because I am allergic but it looks sumptuous too.

The Sauces

Okay, I didn't know that they have an array of sauces to offer to anyone. It's like whatever your personality is, they have the sauce to go with it. We requested their top three sauces in spicy and non spicy list and they are all very tasty. I think that this is a unique feature since most restaurants are using or has only the normal sauces in their menu.

The Ambiance

The ambiance of the place isn't cozy, but a laidback one. There's lots of families eating out or group of friends all over. This can be a good place to hangout with, not that noisy but you can tell that the people are enjoying the food and the place. It's comfortable, at least, for me. Even after we finished eating, we still stayed for a few minutes to catch up.

I'll probably bring my family here the next time. I would want them to taste and experience the Peri Peri charcoal chicken taste and experience.

Deliverance | No Past Is Too Dark For The Love Of Christ

I have loved reading ever since I was little. My mother would always tell me how I kept on telling her to still read with me even though it's already twelve midnight. My grandfather was a school janitor and  sometimes he would bring me books he borrowed from the library. It was also the time when I started reading romance pocketbooks even though they all tells me not to, because I was still young.

My Tita has quite a collection of pocketbooks and I read when no one's around. Lol.

So my love for reading also developed the same time as my love for writing. I still read pocketbooks until I learned how Wattpad works. I discovered Wattpad way back before I realized that there's a lot of stories that's worthy of read.

I have seen how other readers said how they loved Deliverance and Noah Alessandro, the main protagonist. Lately, I haven't been reading that much because I became more focused on work and other stuff. But when Ceedee, the writer of the book and a very close friend of mine gave me a copy, I told myself that one of these days, I should read it.

December 24. We were getting ready to go to Cavite since we will be spending Christmas there. While waiting for them to be ready, I got the book and told myself I should look at it overall, until I opened it and I didn't realized that I was already on the second chapter, reading! That was when they are all ready to go, we booked an uber since we have a lot of things that we will be bringing. As much as I want to continue reading, I decided not to bring the book because there's a chance that it will just get torn or something. My little cousins can be a little mischievous at times.

Around ten at night, I was already getting ready to sleep because I don't feel like drinking or to socialize when I realized of just reading Deliverance on my cellphone. I have the Wattpad app and I told myself it's a nice way while waiting to be asleep.

Besides, I was also smitten by the fact that the protagonist is a bad boy. Lol.

So I started reading.

I got hooked. It's getting late and I told myself I should sleep because I can't not sleep because there will be too much to do the next morning, which was Christmas day. So I said, I can stop at Chapter 20. I forgot that and I realized it when I was already on Chapter 35.

Here's my feels and thoughts about the story in bullets.

  • I can't count how many times I shed tears while reading this book. I finished reading it at around 6am on December 25. While everyone's about to wake up to get ready, I already cried countless times, I smiled, I laughed, I wondered and of course, kinilig while reading.
  • Ceedee's way of writing a male protagonist doesn't need to be all about reminding the readers how good looking the character was, but to give the readers the character's personality with his thoughts, his ideas, the way he moves and his whole existence. I just can't say it enough, but Noah is just perfectly imperfect. And I love him like that.
  • It's no secret that I was in a constant battle with challenges even way before the past year. I am not religious. I would seldom go to church, but I pray at times. When life challenges started to come harder, that's when I realized I have no on to turn to but Him. Noah's situation reminded me of my own struggles. And how I found Him again.
  • And of course, not everything that's good about this book is all Noah. Patricia is actually the one to be really so inspiring. Imagine your parents leaving you alone (they died) and the person you trust and love doesn't actually love you. I mean, once you read the story, you'll see how heartbreaking their situation was and how they rose from it by their faith.
  • I already told Ceedee about this one, but I'll put it here. I usually hate a story having so many obstacles when all the while, the end game is still the same because I prefer stories which only has one or two but big problems/conflicts and detailed scenes where they solve them. But with this story, wow. I was just speechless because all I want is to know how they would resolve the current situation.
  • This story made it feel like being in jail is easier once you accepted and repent for your sins. I liked how Patricia didn't give up on Noah as she didn't give up on her life when everyone seemed to leave her.

This book was self published only; meaning, it's not going to be available to bookstores and other places. You can read the story for free in wattpad. You can just download the app and look for frustratedgirlwriter's profile. You can read it there.

Review | Nu Skin - Nu Color Advanced Tinted Moisturizer

I have a combination of dry and oily skin, depending on the weather. Most of the times, it is oily but when it's dry, I am having a hard time whenever I put on makeup. The dry areas can be very visible. I sometimes use Cetaphil's Daylong Liposomal Spray  because it can really be moisturizing aside from the fact that it will protect my skin from the sun.

When I first saw Nu Skin's Nu Color Advanced Tinted Moisturizer, I never really thought much about it. This was sent to us by my cousin for us to try on. When I searched about it, I found out that it's dang expensive. But it made me want to try it because of it, too. We've been using it for almost a month now, whenever we go out, which, is most of the times since December is a busy month for us.

The packaging is ordinary looking, but I liked the minimalist feels. It reminds me of Glossier.

Anyway, my sister and my mother first tried it and they were raving about it already. My mom, who is a lipstick and powder only kind of girl strangely liked it and uses it whenever she can. 


Improve on perfection. Nu Colour Advanced Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 provides radiant, lightweight coverage packed with all the benefits of a color correcting (CC) tinted moisturizer. Formulated with anti-aging ingredients, it helps reduce the appearance of aging up on application and provides color correction to balance and smooth out the complexion to help diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Gives the complexion flawless coverage and a healthy glow.

I've use it a few times and so far, it exceeded my expectation. At first I thought that it's a little dark for my color but when I put it on, it's just right. Even to my sister that's a little darker that my complexion. My sister and my mother doesn't really like using foundation because they find it itchy and uncomfortable, but with this product, they say that they feel like they are wearing a lightweight foundation. To which I agrees. I sometimes use it alone or I still put some foundation on and its moisturizing power is amazing.

Also, a little amount of product goes a long way. You don't need a lot to cover your whole face because its consistency is very fluid.

This has become my new favorite skin product. I also haven't had any breakout that I am aware of because of it. Although the packaging doesn't look really luxurious for its price range because it's just plastic, the product inside speaks for itself.

My 2017 In Perspective.

There are moments when I just feel like being relief knowing that 2017 is ending. It's no secret how I've struggled and in pain but amidst all of that, there are actually positive things that this year have brought me. And whatever they may be, these are the moments that etched in my mind, may it be positive or negative.

Finished two out of three stories in the trilogy.
This is an achievement. I was able to finished the two stories out of three in a trilogy I was writing because I was fueled by my need to be able to pass them to my publisher. It didn't turn out in a positive way because I had to pull out my manuscripts but still, knowing I finished two stories is already a positive thing.

Finished another two stories as a ghostwriter.
Another achievement! Although this is for a book that's not going to be under my name, well, it's still a good thing. The reason that I was able to finished is because I was fueled by knowing that someone actually hired me to ghost write when I didn't even had any ghost writing experience before. So another good thing that happened to me this year.

I've lost close friends because of what I believe are misunderstandings.
I always think that losing a friend, especially over something that wasn't talked about properly, is harder than being broken hearted over someone romantically. Maybe because I always value friendship more than I value my past relationships. It's one of the few things that made it harder for me to move on from this year. I didn't just lost one friend, but a few of them who are actually very close to my heart. I still talk to most of them but I know that the closeness was already broken. And I can understand if they wouldn't to be associated for me anymore. It's just painful and it will always be a reminder how 2017 is the worst year for me.

I've learned who are the ones who stayed and truly cared despite my struggles.
Losing friends and people who you thought will stay behind you is painful, but at the very least, it made the ones who stayed more visible and known. I got scared of approaching people and friends, thinking they won't even look at my messages. But some of them are the ones who actually approached me first. They made it clear that they don't see me the way other people does, that they know me better than the others. I am blessed and truly grateful.

Won a few blogging related contests this year.
I won two contests from Travelbook and a few other ones too. Another positive thing that 2017 has brought me.

Got my first ever paid event invite and paid blog posts.
I was ecstatic when I received an email inviting me to an event. A paid one. I do go to events even without pay because I really want to explore things and as an event organizer too, I want to learn from these events too. But in my years of blogging, I received my first ever paid event invite as well as paid blog posts too! This makes me excited for more opportunities this coming 2018.

Received my first ever blogger mail!
Okay, this isn't really the type that they told me to post about them or something in exchange of the product. When I send them an email telling them how I like their product and how effective it was and asked where I can buy them because I can't seem to have seen their products before. They told me that they wanted to send me more of their products so of course, I said yes! Up until now, I am still using T-TOP products on my hair.

My only event for this year isn't successful.
Unlike my WPCB last year, this year's Bazaar isn't successful. Only a few people came and I had to apologize to the sellers about it. This coming year, I will be doing another bazaar and I promised to invite them for free as an apology. It's actually a relief that the sellers are understanding as I talked to them personally. But ti's still nice seeing some of my friends who came to support me.

There's two people who helped me but never pressure me or anything.
I always say how thankful I am to Ralph and CeeDee for helping me and still actually making me feel that I really deserve the help. I will never be tired in telling them how grateful I am with them. Moments like these are the hardest, but it will always make way in making other people see your worth. 

Got my first online job!
My bosses are based in New York so my working time is at night till the morning, which is actually a good thing because I am nocturnal. I'd like to work at night. My brain likes to work at night. They are also all very nice and approachable. They never make me feel like I am out of place. They always tell me not to hesitate to ask if I can't understand something. Right now, I already know how things works and I hope to really be with them longer.

Bad or good things had happened, but I believe that 2017 made me stronger so I am still thankful.