A Mini Tour At The New Precious Pages Corp. Building!

Before this, I only had one chance to visit this new building. I bought a few copies of my books at the Precious Pages Bookstore located at the ground floor and that's it. That was just last year, and yesterday, I had the chance to visit once again but this time, I had a fortunate time to go around and have a mini tour to check the nooks and crannies of the place.

Quick info: The offices are located at the fifth floor, which was the first place we went to.

They have a few corners where you can just take your time and chill, read magazines or books. And as you can see, paintings are all over the area. The colorful paintings gives more vibrancy to the mix of cozy and rustic feels of the interior. 

Then, the next floor up, which was the 6th floor will be a different place: The Penthouse.

The place is very modern, very picturesque and very magazine-like. It's like the place that you can just see in the magazines, wondering if such place actually exists. It has central air conditioning units and the natural light coming from the outside is really what make sit very stunning. The glass walls are also a plus points to the overall look.

We explored the place and of course, we took a few shots too!

And then there's the roof top, where it can also be used as a venue for events and other stuff, to which, we also took some shots.

Last floor but not the least that we went to will be on the third floor, where the multi function hall is located as well as the writer's lounge and the mini audio visual room.

The place is really a step up from the old office, obviously. But it was nice to know that most of the facilities really benefits the writers, as well as the readers too, at some point.

It's refreshing seeing as to how the place was designed in a quirky and colorful way, makes it looks like a really cool place to make some work done. Even photo shoots!

Muhlach Ensaymada | World Famous Homemade Ensaymada

I can still remember how we would excitedly open the door, anticipating our mother coming home with a box of Muhlach Ensaymada as her pasalubong. We were just in grade school and Muhlach Ensaymada, formerly Megamelt has been her go-to as pasalubong to us.

I feel nostalgic whenever I would pass by this store. I can smell their baked goods and the memories of my childhood flashes back, as well as how their ensaymada tastes. Me and my sister had a few minutes to spare, so we decided to take a look inside. It's been ages since the last time I actually went inside the store.

We would just usually buy pandesal at the mini shop outside their main store. Its smell is also inviting. Their pandesal can be eater without palaman because it is so good!

The store is more spacious that I remember it to be, and they obviously haven't had the chance to stock up their supplies. The place is clean you can also buy other snacks at the other side of the store.

Okay, I also noticed these bottles of flavored sardines. This was the first time that I learned about this more diverse product. It has their logo so they must be the one manufacturing it. Which is nice, considering that they already have quite a name in the business.

At the left side of the store, there's this convenience corner. 

I already tasted a few flavors from their flavored ensaymada collection but I was surprised to see their variety widened! I bought a few flavors and I loved it. Me and my siblings tasted them and it's still the same as before.

The regular ensaymada can be bought for 16php each.
While the flavored ones can be bought 19php each.

You can visit this branch in Cubao with this address:

140 N. Domingo cor. Mayor Ignacio Santos Diaz Cubao, Metro Manila.

And oh, you can take a peek on how they do things inside because they have this are outside where you can see the inside of their bakery. Cool, right?

Writing Tips | Break The Rules And Make Your Own.

Why would you unwillingly follow the rules when you can just break them?

Being a writer has been a blessing for me. The journey isn't as smooth sailing as others would think, but since I love being one, I learned to go with the flow. Some people would think that I was lucky that I got published young, and while I also believe that it is a good thing, people need to understand that having your work published traditionally as a writer isn't the only thing that would validate you as a successful writer.

Believe me when I say that it can be just the start.

Whenever someone would ask me for writing tips, I'd always say "Keep on reading" because honestly, that has been the reason why I think I became a writer. I read and read and read until I wanted to write my own. And because I have read a lot of books and stories, I felt like I already knew how it works. The knowledge I gained with reading throughout the years cannot be equal to any course or semester of education at school.

Anyway, since I had been an exclusive writer before, naturally, I would have an editor. Whenever I would pass a manuscript, they would have to evaluate it, see if it will be a fit to the imprint, or if it will be worthy to be published, or if they would want me to tweak a few things or revise the whole thing. Luckily for me, the most I got was a minor revision and that's it.

I actually had one manuscript returned, but I don't really count it much because I knew it would eventually be returned, I just needed their thoughts on it and I got it eventually.

So having an editor to evaluate your work before it can be published is okay. They needed to know if the story should be 'worth' to publish. They know all about the brand/imprint and what's needed under it. At first it's okay for me, until I slowly realized that my works are being evaluated it's worthiness to be published by people who only see what they chose to see or read.

Upon realizing it, I just stopped passing my works and decided to self published even though I know less readers can be reached with this method because of a few factors. No, I am not being hard headed. And yes, it's a hard decision for me but I stand for it.

I am not saying that I won't be passing any more stories to be published traditionally because I know that someday or even one of these days I may have. What I was saying is that, I will have to choose carefully on what I would want to be published traditionally or what should I just self published.

Another thing, the rights of the stories that I passed isn't mine anymore. It's like I gave birth to my babies and I have them adopted. I can see them, I can claim that they're mine but I don't have the rights to them anymore. It's in the company's already. Which is sad if you think about it. It's also one of the biggest factor.

And as much as the 'rules' for publishing through their standards goes, I made my own. 

I mean, I can do that. I can write freely in wattpad and my readers can suck it up if they don't want the story I just posted. I have a few other stories under my two usernames and they can choose other stories they want. That's the first step I made after realizing all of it.

Most new/aspiring writers would be afraid to actually try writing or posting their stories online because they're afraid of so many thing. Criticisms will always be there if you want your work to be shared to the world, but you don't have to be afraid in it. It's a natural occurrence and as for me, I don't really think too much about it.

Yes, they can comment about my works or how I write my stories, but I have the control over it because I am the writer. 

They may tell me to write the story in a certain way, or that I have broken a rule, or that my story is offending or whatever, in the end, I am the writer and it's my own story. I don't need to do what they want me to do because I have a mind of my own.

That's the thing about writing.. they tell you the rules, but as long as it's nor for publishing and the publisher has their own standard, do what you want with it. You can reach readers through different online platforms like wattpad for your works to be shared. No matter how peculiar you think your story is, believe me, there will always be readers who would love it.

I have made three rules I apply in my stories. You can read all of it in a twitter thread I posted.



I Am A "We" | Sense8 Raves And Rants.

I am tearing up while I am typing this post because I feel so damn affected with the fact that I can only watch these people again on the upcoming two-hour special episode finale for the show. They cancelled the show after 2 seasons because while the fans are passionate for the show, it's not enough since the show's costs is really expensive. And while I do understand their reason (they shoot from different countries and the man power would be massive) for this, I hope they reconsidered the importance that this show is actually perceiving its audience.

While big companies spends tons of millions in producing shows that aren't really helping when it comes to social problems or any problems at all, they decides that Sense8 isn't worthy to spend something on anymore and I feel so dang bad for this. The positivity it gives not just on being a member of LGBTQ community but to all people for being different is huge. I myself didn't even think about this at all at first, but as the finale is approaching, I realized how this show impacted me in a lot of ways.

I don't even know if I am happy that I discovered this show or I am regretting that I watched this because I feel totally wrecked and craving for more.

I have heard a lot about this show but when I first read the summary on Wikipedia, I felt like at that time, I am not in the mood for it. But since I got overwhelmed with watching almost 10 episodes of House of Cards consecutively in one sitting, I wanted to watch a different series for a change before I continue and I finished Sense8 in one and a half day. 

And now I am craving for more that the butterflies in my stomach isn't helping.

Let me introduce you to the characters of this wonderful and life changing show.

Will is the de facto leader of their cluster. He's a Chicago cop and he tries to protect everyone from their cluster. He fell in love with Riley, a member of their cluster. He always has this protective instinct and his skills as a cop helped them a lot in dangerous situations.

Nomi is like the mother of the whole cluster. Like Will, she uses her abilities to protect them all against BPO, the organization that haunts them down to be experimented. She's a transexual hacker and she's always there when anyone would need her.

Riley is a well known DJ with a very heartbreaking past. She had run-ins with drugs and dangerous people. She was the first member of their cluster that Will saw, and they both fell in love as the show progressed.

Sun is a businesswoman and a warrior. She can fight and she let her abilities help anyone who needed help in their cluster. She's selfless and her life is also heartbreaking but she found herself a family in the cluster. She doesn't talk much and she doesn't like drama but she tolerates them because she loves them.

Wolfgang is the meanest of the cluster. He was born into a mafia family. He's cold and reckless. But he has a soft spot in his heart for all of the member of their cluster. He fell in love at first sight with Kala but he pushed her away because he knew she deserves better. He's also a helping hand when it comes to fighting, breaking in and stealing cars.

Lito is a very passionate Mexican actor that has a dark secret. He's gay, and he lives with his partner in secret on his pad. He's a total drama queen but he has a good heart. He's a comic relief in the group. He can be funny even if the situation is serious.

Kala is a Scientist from India. She's a good girl who loves her family so much. She is set to be married to his boss's son when Wolfgang entered her life. She fell in love with him too. She's the resident chemical bomb maker of the cluster and amidst being a good girl, she knows she can be brave too.

Capheus is an ordinary bus driver from Kenya. He has a good heart and simple dreams. He loves his mother very much and he is willing to do everything for her, even entering dangerous situations that his cluster helps him, especially Sun. He's a very inspiring character.

You can see the diversity of the casts and that's one of the many things that I like about this show. It's so diverse that you won't think how they would fit together. I was blown away. Many people says they got a little confused as the show did not spoon feed the fans as to how things happens. And I like it that way. 

I'll have a part 2 post wherein I will list everything I like in this show and why people should watch too.

Have you watched SENSE8 too? What can you say about it?

All Things Hair | Tips and Styles.

Image from https://www.blackhairspray.com/braids.html

(Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but all of my opinions stated in this post are all mine)

Our hair isn't called our crowning glory for nothing. And when it comes to beauty products, hair products are also evolving to cater to every people's different hair care needs as time goes by. From hair spray to hair cuticle to conditioner. Coloring hair used to be something that only professionals are allowed to do, but everything is easier now that you can buy kits with instructions on how to do it at home.

I used to be someone who doesn't really think much of taking care of my hair. For me, shampoo and conditioner will do fine, and then voila! Hair's clean. It's not until I was already working that I realized how my hair is starting to get really dry and thin. Also, I realized how a hair can say a lot about your appearance especially as a working individual.

And I realized three things to make sure that my hair would be cleaner and healthier.

1. Make sure that the shampoo/conditioner is totally washed off of our heads. There are instances that we're in so much hurry that we thought we already thoroughly washed our heads but there's shampoo and conditioner left in our scalp that when it dries, it becomes dandruff.

2. Make sure to use quality products when you want to color your hair or you want it to be treated. Make sure that you'll have the time for treated and colored hair needs dedication as it needs to have maintenance. 

3. Cut at least half an inch to an inch of your hair every three to four months to prevent split ends as well as dry ends.

Now, when it comes to styling, I used to think that choosing between letting my hair fall down or have it tied to a ponytail are the only options I have but that changed and I saw the beauty of trying different styles. From having super long hair to having it cut to be really short, you can also have it in locs, curled or braided.

And for people who doesn't want to take the plunge yet but wants to try, you don't really need to take the risk yet because there are other option, like having wigs!

Wigs used to be just straight ones so it would look like real as someone's hair, and you can style it whatever you want, but the good news is that, there are now wigs wherein you can buy it but it is already styled!

There are a lot of stores, physical or online wherein you can buy everything you need about your hair.

One of the one stop shop not for just wigs, Black Hair Spray online store also has products for hair care, even for kids! They are are beauty e-commerce company with clients all over the world that spans from professional stylists, working mothers, beauticians as well as students. They offer thousands of quality wigs and hair care products in their site.

From their braids, goddess locs to curls, you can also choose from the wide variety of colors of wigs that they offer.

#BlackHairSpray also offer free shipping for $50 orders and up!

So style up your hair and try wigs!